Opportunities for partners
The exhibition of manufacturers of medical equipment, consumables, pharmaceutical products and laboratory equipment, as well as medical publishing houses will be an important component of the Conference with international participation «Scientific and clinical aspects of oncological diseases diagnosis and treatment».

We will be glad to offer you cooperation in organizing and participating in the Conference as a partner and exhibitor of the exhibition.
Tell the professional audience about yourself.
You will get an excellent opportunity to announce your company to a wide range of professional audience. Information about you will be received not only by participants and invited specialists, but also by visitors to the official website of the event.
Establish direct contacts.
By sponsoring the Conference, you will be able to significantly expand your customer base and establish profitable business contacts that contribute to the growth of your business.
Improve the company's image.
The support of an important medical event organized by a well-known Kazakh medical organization will undoubtedly have a beneficial effect on the image of your company. The sponsor status will give you the opportunity to use it in your own advertising and PR campaigns.
Learn about the state of the market.
During the event, you will receive new information useful for the development of your business.
Communication with leading Kazakhstan and foreign opinion leaders in the field of oncology.
Establishing personal informal contacts with the right people of narrowly focused specialization with the least effort and time spent on business trips.
Presenting your company, its products and developments to a large diverse audience.
Formation and expansion of the base of potential business partners.
Familiarity with new technologies that are useful in business development.
If you are interested in the possibilities, please contact the Partner Manager for more information:
+7 (915) 220-48-08 Denis Shchetinin
Evgeniya Berezovskaya
Tel.: +7 (925) 105-65-60